The gen Y’s and Z’s are becoming more predisposed to mental health illness, This comes with factors beyond their control. Work has become a remote, an economic downturn is looming and they just navigated the scariest pandemic yet. 

There is an urgent need for a new and engaging approach to mental health training for teachers and tertiary sector workers who work closely with the younger African generation. In response to this need, TCM Academy has developed a quality online mental health training for teachers and residential colleges, made by educators for educators.

The passionate founder and visionary team have a strong track record as educators and have worked across both education and health sectors. Their depth of knowledge and experience lends itself to delivering content that is targeted at key learning outcomes through the use of real-life scenarios, providing learners with an engaging and effective learning experience.

Engaging, thought -provoking and apt are my three words for the mental health day Webinar we just concluded. Not like anything I’ve experienced lately. I give it to the TCM Academy and the coach who handled the training. He repped them good 👍
Amina Mogaji
Amina MogajiTraining Participant
The facilitator was sound, knowledgeable and relatable. I had to go googling, turns out he also had plenty work experience and I was not supprised, the mood chart provided in the seminar had helped me documents the yo-yo effect I was battling and on sending it across, I felt the academy will not revert but I was supprised when their lead counsel responded to me and gave me 20minutes of analysis time. All I can say is that they have wellbeing at the heart of their practice. Highly recommend..
Wisdom Akeoga
Wisdom AkeogaTraining Participant
The 2022 mental health webinar has helped me and my colleagues a lot. Working from home in a tech firm is not always what it looks like but this course changed it all.
Monday Ebaye
Monday EbayeAndela
We changed our employee assistance programe provider two years ago to TCMA. This has helped us all grow because even toxicity within our work space and all the previous water cooler gossip has declined. We can’t miss the link between the entrance of this new EAP provider and hese changes. Their therapist teach with skills and practical exercises that help you become better. Will recommend them to anybody with marital and career issues. Keep going
Ajor TopmanEAP Beneficiary
My emotional, spiritual, psychological and financial wellbeing are all parts of self-care. Taking care of myself along these lines is the true definition of mental health. Words on Marble sir. Won’t forget these.
Tolani OlawoleParticipant (Fighting Emotional & Psychological Abuse)

Education Facts

Developing mental-ill health at a young age can have a significant impact on the potential of young people to live fulfilling, happy and productive lives

Current training has generally not equipped school staff with the practical skills to identify mental health risks or respond effectively

A lack of engaging delivery methods and poor re-engagement with online eLearning material leaves educators with skill gaps in competency levels